Reputation Management – now with Buy Now Packages!

When we launched RankGeek, one of the first packages we decided to include on Buy Now was for Reputation Management. If you’re wondering how we can have ready to order packages for something as customized and complex as reputation management, here’s how –

Over the last 12 months or so, we’ve worked with some pretty big websites, trying to improve their reputation online. While some of them were new sites which wanted to create a good image when people come looking, several other sites had a bunch of negative reviews and articles on search results and wanted their own information coming out on top of the negative ones – obviously. We’ve been quite successful in our endeavor and have had results work on multiple fronts – we’ve helped sites garner several results on top pages, we’ve helped the positive reviews and posts come up above the negative ones, and in the process, we’ve helped the sites’ SEO become much better – which was evident through increasing Page Authority.

Once we ran a bunch of successful campaigns, we sat down and listed a set of tasks which worked for each of these sites, and through it evolved our Reputation Management Campaigns. We’re in the beta testing phase of the Shopping experience, and we should have the packages up by tomorrow at the latest. We’re sure you will find these packages perfect for your needs and scale pop over to this site. As always, we’ve paid heed to the pricing we’ve decided for the campaigns, and the basic one begins at just $99!!